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How To Go From Here to There

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THIS WILL BE the longest entry — ever, by a country mile — that will appear on this blog. It has often been my experience, though, that people frequently ask the same question about any creative endeavor: What inspired this project? So I figured I’d beat everyone to the chase.

It might seem odd that someone who has spent his career focused almost exclusively on niche media projects about men’s luxury lifestyle would create a children’s-book series (and more) for kids ages 4 to 7. But I like to think there’s more to me than a singular (superficial, some would say) subject. For one, I’m also a dad (hello, Miss Dash) and a godfather (hello, Mr. Teddy). And it’s nice to be able to create something that those around you will embrace. Yet Zach, Zoey and Pilot go well beyond that now — bringing them to life is, in fact, a far-flung collaborative effort. Continue reading