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Zach, Zoey, Pilot + Sig Travel America Intro

Zach+Zoey+Pilot+ USAIN EVERY Zach, Zoey and Pilot book, the twins and their trusty canine companion inevitably embark on a fantastical journey to real places both near and far from their home just outside New York City. The inspiration for all of ZZP’s adventures, though, come from actual treks make by yours truly, who started traveling at a relatively early age and has had wanderlust in his heart ever since.

During my lifetime of traversing this nation (as well as making frequent exotic jaunts much farther afield), I’ve managed to visit 38 U.S. states. My goal, of course, is to see all 50 — an ambition I suspect Zach, Zoey and Pilot will share in the future.

The United States is a remarkably diverse place, both geographically and culturally. And while international locales often appear more romantic and picturesque, the U.S. offers plenty of its own unique charms, from world capitals such as New York and San Francisco to nameless one-street towns seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Continue reading

Pilot the Plush ARRIVES!


THE RULE OF THUMB when building out a picture book–based brand such as ZZP — or so I’ve been told — is book first (done), calendar second and plush (a.k.a. stuffed animal) third, with everything else, including more books, to follow.

I’m not a big calendar fan, though, so we decided to go for the plush second. If things go right, it seems that a coloring book will be third, and then all the rest. Continue reading