Zach, Zoey, Pilot + Sig Travel America: Redwood Highway, California


Portland, OR to Garberville, CA (a small town in Humboldt County on the South Fork of the Eel River) was a longer stretch than we have typically tried to conquer in a day during this two week journey.

But somewhere between Elk Valley and Big Lagoon, off the Redwood Highway (U.S. Route 101, but really almost anywhere else in California it would be PCH) well inside the Redwood National and State Parks, we came to a vantage point bluff overlooking the Pacific, which appeared as placid as I have ever seen. The breeze was light and first day of autumn crisp, the evergreens were backlit black and all one could hear were a few birds below on the beach — which made the day’s extended drive seem worthwhile. And in the end all I could think of was that I was home again.




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