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“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”

― L. Frank Baum, The Lost Princess of Oz


Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 2.20.32 PMIt was with deep sadness that, like the rest of the world, I learned of Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing last week. I mourn, as do many. However, her life was an exceptional one (to say the least). And while she is gone, thankfully her wisdom will live on for generations to come.

There are two rather grown-up quotes found in The Adventures of Zach & Zoey, one, a universal message of love and profoundly simple observation, from Dr. Angelou can be found on the dedication page.  She was a sage for the ages. She will be missed. – Sig

French, oui? French, non.

French Page_The Adventues of Zach & ZoeyMY MOTHER WAS obsessed with all things French, the art and language in particular. I wouldn’t call her a Francophile, necessarily, but the word probably isn’t too far off.

When I was in middle school — rather late in the game to be introduced to a foreign language, in my opinion — and it came time for me to pick a second tongue, one that I’d study through college, I wanted to take Spanish. It seemed the most practical, given that I was growing up in Los Angeles and was spoken all around me.

Preteen boys aren’t typically known for their pragmatism, so I was proud of my choice. But my mother vetoed it and insisted I take French, which my sister, Shana, would also learn (and excel at beyond me). Continue reading

Zach, Zoey, Pilot, Patrick & Sig In Bologna

Aaron “Sig” Sigmond and Patrick Regout at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

AS WITH MOST interpersonal rapports, my friendship and collaboration with Patrick ebbs and flows. At times we engage in a great flurry of communication and activity; during others we scarcely interact. There are even instances when we disagree, though thankfully they’re quite rare.

What’s unique, or at least curious, is that for such a close partnership ours is almost exclusively virtual. In the beginning, when we worked on magazines together, we corresponded via fax. Today, with Zach, Zoey and Pilot, we stay in touch via e-mail, and Skype maybe once or twice a year.

The last time I saw Patrick in person was over eight years ago — January 2006 — while visiting Belgium, where he and his family live. So it was a rare treat indeed to meet up with him in Italy in late March for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair to present and celebrate The Adventures of Zach & Zoey. Continue reading

Man vs. Machine



WHILE ZACH, Zoey and Pilot are new to most of the rest of the world, Patrick, Liliana and I (along with the rest of the team) have been living with them almost daily for a long time.

For Chrismahanukwanzakah last year, I sent Patrick a special request for something all my own that I selfishly wouldn’t have to share and could hang in my office: an original ZZP drawing.



One problem: There is no original art, per se. Yes, of course, Patrick masterfully executes each illustration you see online and in print, but he does so exclusively on a Mac Pro and has for many years. (Hard to believe, but the Mac turns 30 this year!)

I’ve known Pat for 18 years and had never made a request like this, so he knew it was important to me. As he said, “I’ll take out my old drawing tools, covered with dust, and see what happens.” A month or so after the holidays, I received what instantly became one of my most cherished possessions: the only pen-and-ink watercolor ZZP original on paper.

To connect the old days with the new, Pat “sketched out” a digital version before tackling it by hand. As you might expect, it looks somewhat different than the finished product. To show you how he works, below is the digital version alongside the hand-executed — a bit of a John Henry: The Steel Driving Man comparison. You be the judge! Which do you like better: digital or hand-drawn?




How To Go From Here to There

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 11.06.35 PM
THIS WILL BE the longest entry — ever, by a country mile — that will appear on this blog. It has often been my experience, though, that people frequently ask the same question about any creative endeavor: What inspired this project? So I figured I’d beat everyone to the chase.

It might seem odd that someone who has spent his career focused almost exclusively on niche media projects about men’s luxury lifestyle would create a children’s-book series (and more) for kids ages 4 to 7. But I like to think there’s more to me than a singular (superficial, some would say) subject. For one, I’m also a dad (hello, Miss Dash) and a godfather (hello, Mr. Teddy). And it’s nice to be able to create something that those around you will embrace. Yet Zach, Zoey and Pilot go well beyond that now — bringing them to life is, in fact, a far-flung collaborative effort. Continue reading